"EASY" Automatic bakery trolleys unloader


Automatic bakery trolleys emptying system.
The "EASY" trolleys unloader allows a relevant reduction of the cycle time and so an effective increase of the production.
Better results are achievable when this machine is coupled with the trolley loader "EASY"; these machines are posed at the extremes of a product machining line.

The working cycle is realized in this way: the operator inserts inside of the unloader machine the fully trolley, then he closes the access doors and confirms the trolley introduction.
Automatically the trolley has lifted up to the shelves buffer store.
When the buffer is completely empty, the trays will be hooked and then they will descend regularly on a feeding belt.
Finally the trolley has descended to the ground, a light-acoustic warning advices that the machine is ready for the trolley substitution.
The substitution of the trolley empty of trays with a fully ones does not stop the production cycle since the filling of the buffer store occurs simultaneously.
It is possible to use plane trays, wavy ones or shaped for hamburger bread and even the tablets system.

Further characteristics:
- Electro-welded steel structures then metallic silver oven painted;
- The trolley lifter and trays translator slides on recirculating guideways;
- Strain control sensor on trays translator;
- Moving parts protection carters and photoelectric sensor for operator's protection;
- Torque limiter on trays translator strain;
- Made in Italy motorizations;
- Omron production plc and basic electronics;
- 5" Touch screen panel for command and diagnostic;
- Carters made of steel plates oven painted with epoxy resin textured polished finish;
- Downstream machine interface.

Available versions:

  • For 15 shelves trolley;
  • For 18 shelves trolley;
  • For 20 shelves trolley;
  • For 60x80 cm tray;
  • For 80x80 cm tray;
  • For 60x100 cm tray;
  • With rear access door;
  • With right or left side access door.
These versions are settable depending on the customer's plant needs. The standard version is designed for the 15 shelves trolley, 60x80 cm tray and rear access door.
We can realize versions with a customized number and dimensions of trays upon custemer request.

- Carters made of satin AISI 304 finished stainless steel;
- Remote assistance via internet;
- Pneumatic positioning system for heigh adjustment at the machine exit;
- Lifing, rotation and translation onto roller table at the machine exit.
- Outlet catenary with step movement for combination with bread forming line.

The machine is furnished with CE safety certification and owner and maintenance handbook.  



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