ROBOTEC "PRATICO": automatic loader/unloader for baking trays


ROBOTEC "PRATICO": strong, functional and very easy machine. Loading/unloading of baking trays is now the easiest part of the production cycle thanks to TECNO MEA system.

ROBOTEC "PRATICO", through an automatic 3-axes-controlled process, can manage both flat and wavy trays (commercial-sized as well as special-sized trays).

It takes them one-by-one from the trolley, places them under the retracting conveyor belt and re-positions them in the trolley.

For special-sized trays, ROBOTEC "PRATICO" is built to measure.

Time for trays' loading and unloading – bread rolls' loading included – is equal to about 28 seconds for trays with 9 pockets.

Time for trolley's change is less than 5 seconds.

Trolley is placed aside ROBOTEC "PRATICO" through automatic locking device, it is never moved or lifted from the ground, thus increasing the operator's safety.

The loading/unloading system preserves the trolley's integrity for long periods of time. An interactive touch-screen panel enables the machine to work.

Bread-type dedicated programs are available in the machine's panel by simply "touching" the screen.

ROBOTEC "PRATICO" makes work easier and pleasant.  



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