Paper Feeder "SMART BASIC"


Finally there is a technological and precise Paper Feeder at a really affordable price!
Born of the experience gained with our Botticeli sheet feeder, concentrating the technique that guarantees its well-known stability and robustness, we have managed to maintain all of its quality but at a lower price.
The gathering and translation of the sheet take place using a combined system: infeed through a suction cup and suction head, outfeed on the belt.

Sheet weight from 80 to 400 gsm.

Square register with lateral reference and friction balls on conveyor belt.

The suction is adjustable through a mechanical valve equipped with micrometric adjustment, this allows to dose the amount of air according to the type of paper to be processed.

Automatic movement and control of reaching level of the sheet feeding table with double trapezoidal screw and sliding on hardened prismatic linear guideways with recirculating balls.

Double sheet incorrect pick-up control with precision mechanics system.

Speed adjustable through inverter.

Format change facilitated by simple adjustments and by a movement with trapezoidal screw and lead nut.

The feeder is positioned on wheels for easy handling.

It can be interfaced with various machines (gluing, turning-in, binding machines ect...).  



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