Automatic assembly/machining isle with rotatin table


Fully automatic assembly/machining isle with rotating table; the operator's support is limited to a control process or, at maximum, to the feeding of the raw product.

The machining is organized on a number of stations furnished by customer's specifications, depending on the necessaries phases to get the final product.
At each station it is possible to perform a machining or a set of handling depending on the complexity of themselves or by the available cycle time.

The whole machine is furnished to work in a total safety way, preventing the access at the machining area to the operator.
This is possible thanks to the presence of both a system of fixed and mobile carters, both to a perimetral fence and to a set of optical barriers and photoelectric sensors, able to catch the presence of extraneous bodies to the process.

Every isle is provided with a product control, managing at the end of the cycle to perform a division between "good pieces" and wastes.

Every isle can work in total independence or be part of a more complex system, both composed by other satellite isles or by external machines.
The link between isles can be done by motorized belts or by more or less complex manipulators, from the simpler two-axis arm, passing through the SCARA robot up to the anthropomorphic robot, if necessary.

Examples of possible applications are: assembly of small and difficult-in-handling particulars, laser marking of components and quality control with vision systems of products.

The isle id furnished complete by CE safety certification and by owner and maintenance handbook.  



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