Baking Loaders Manipulator


Two controlled axes baking loaders moving system with positioning at working height and automatic deposit of the baking loaders.

The machine allows to perform different operations on the baking loader (i.e. bread load, manipulations or workings), making the operator's job easier and lighter, reducing the load and increasing efficiency.

Working Cycle:

The operator insert the trolley in the pre-set post and it gets blocked by a mechanical locking system with coupling balls.
Then the operator press the start cycle button and the machine provide to get the baking loader from the higher floor of the trolley and then to carry it at the working height in front of the operator.
Now the operator can perform the expected operation on the bread comfortably.
When the operator has finished, he presses the loader change button and the machine re-positions the baking loader at the previous gathering floor, the it get the following loader to bring it the operator's working area.
This cycle repeats up to the last baking loader, when, after when the machine deposits it inside the trolley, an acoustic-light warning indeed shows that the trolley is full.
The operator changes the trolley and presses the specific button to give the consent to the machine to re-perform the cycle.


  • Machine structure made of extruded aluminium profiles, heavy type and superficially anodized
  • Lifter plane structure made of steel electro-welded profiled and oven painted
  • Baking loader gathering system placed on telescopic guides
  • Vertical movement to the trolley floors through prismatic railway guides, powered by an Italian production brushless gear motor with electronic holding brake and integrated encoder
  • Vertical transmission with low play pulley and belt
  • Touch screen panel 7" integrated in the electric board
  • Grid carters made with anodized aluminium frame and safety electro-welded grid made of AISI 304
  • Safety light curtain at the operator's side, protection range from ground to 2000 mm of height for the safety during the movements of the gathering system
  • Possibility of choosing the starting floor of the trolley directly from the panel, for example after a power loss or emergency restoration


  • Remote communication with assistance via internet with the adoption of the electric board internal componets in the version with ethernet communication, wires, router and switch ethernet.

The machine is furnished with CE safety certification and owner and maintenance handbook.  



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